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Bringing Psychology to the Public


For a healthy mind and body . . . talk to a psychologist.


The Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA) promotes the science and practice of psychology by supporting psychologists to meet the evolving needs of the public. We are the voice of psychology in Pennsylvania and have over 3,000 psychologist members throughout the state. PPA is committed to providing educational resources for the public that illustrate the expertise psychologists possess to help improve lives, families, workplaces, and communities.


Of all the different mental health professionals, psychologists have the most comprehensive training. Their expertise spans the mind and its inner workings, communication, relationships, values, and our interaction with the world around us.


Physical Health and Mental Health are Partners in Our Bodies.


Recent studies and media reports conducted by the American Psychological Association have shown that more people than ever realize that physical health and mental health are intertwined and that psychologists are at the forefront of this public awareness.


Many people benefit from the professional guidance of a licensed psychologist who can help them recognize the health benefits of caring for both mind and body.


LOOKING FOR A PSYCHOLOGIST?  Usually you can work through problems yourself or with the support of family and friends. But sometimes you may need some with special skills, training, and experience to help you. That’s when you may want to talk to a licensed psychologist.  If you would like the name of a qualified psychologist in your area, please visit our Psychologist Locator.


MEDIA INQUIRIES:  Members of the media should contact Justin Fleming, PPA’s Director of Government Affairs, at 717-232-3817 or We welcome the opportunity to connect members of the media with qualified, licensed psychologists for interviews in person or by phone. We recognize that the media often operates on a tight schedule and we are sensitive to accommodating that need. You will be referred to a psychologist who has expertise with the topic, who is experienced in assisting the media, and who works in the same locale, if possible.


NEED A SPEAKER?  Our members are willing to provide free informative talks for your organization on such topics as stress, resilience skills, depression, dealing with difficult people, parenting skills, marriage and family issues, and many other topics. This service is being offered as part of our Public Education Campaign. For more information, please contact Justin Fleming, at 717-232-3817 or