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Listserv FAQs




Listserv FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about PPA's listserv

Q. How do I subscribe to the listserv?
A. Send an email to asking to be added to the listserv, you must be a member of PPA to belong. The email address you subscribe with needs to be the email used for your PPA profile so that you can be verified once you are on the Listserv.

Q: I am a member of the listserv, how do I post?
A. Send your email to You must send from the same email address to which you are subscribed.

Q. What are the rules for the listserv?
A. This link will take you to the rules.

Q: What is a listserv?
A: A Listserv is an electronic mailing list. Our listserv allows members to more easily exchange information using electronic mail. An email message sent to a mailing list address is automatically forwarded to all subscribers to the list. The person sending the message does not need to know the electronic mail addresses of all subscribers, only the address of the list itself. As people join and leave the list, their electronic mail addresses are automatically added and deleted from the list's set of forwarding addresses.

Q: Are there questions inappropriate to this listserv?
A: PPA's listserv is a member benefit and is designed to solicit a free flow of professional information related to the practice of psychology in Pennsylvania. Please see the Listserv Rules for further clarification.

Q: What is a listserv post?
A: A listserv post is a message sent to the listserv for automated distribution that is "posted" for all subscribers.

Q: How do I get off the listserv (have emails stopped)?
A: To signoff this list, send a message addressed to and ask to unsubscribe. 

Q: What if I am unable to post to our listserv?
A: If you are not able to post to the list or have other questions, please email

Q: What's the most frequent item that people tend to forget in their messages?
A: When sending a message to a listserv, always include your name, email address, preferably your degree and position, and your phone number. That way, the list will possess credibility and you'll be providing other users with additional ways to communicate with you.

Q: Are there any guidelines for formulating a response to a question?
A: Not really. We hope as many people as possible participate and respond to the various questions or issues that are raised. However, both questions and answers should be signed with the individual's name, preferably your degree and position, phone number, and email address.

Q: Should I submit answers to the individual who asked the question, or to the entire listserv?
A: You may respond either way. If you believe the entire listserv would benefit by your answer, send it to the entire group. If, however, you think the nature of the question or your answer warrants a private response, feel free to send that response only to the email address of the individual posing the question. Back channeling is the process in which you reply only to the person who posted the message.

Q: What if somebody answers a question and I don't agree with the response?
A: Disagreements are indeed welcome. However, all participants should share their opinion with the listserv in a courteous manner.

Q: What if the listserv I subscribe to becomes very, very active? How will I deal with all that email?
A: Participants are asked to carefully fill in the "subject" field of their submission so that recipients may skip through messages that pertain to issues that are of no concern to them. Likewise, when posting responses to original messages, be sure the title in the subject area helps receivers relate the responses to the original message. For example, the subject of the original message might be "Referral in Harrisburg". Responses to that email submission might read "Re: Referral in Harrisburg" in the subject area. You may also sign up for the Daily Digest version of the listserv, which compiles all the listserv questions and responses during one day and sends it to you in one email.

Q: What are some common listserv mistakes?
A: Remember, when you receive a message and send a reply to all persons, your message will be sent to the entire list. You are encouraged to "back channel" messages when appropriate.
Generally, because of the nature of the Internet, listservs are considered to be public forums in which open discussions occur. Members may become caught up in a flurry of heavy activity on a list and forget who may be silently observing (lurking) on the list. There are approximately 700 members on our listserv.
Also, if posting a case for consultation, please be advised to adequately disguise information so that your patient's confidentiality is maintained. Thus, discretion is advised.

Q: Will I always receive accurate information on the listserv?
A: PPA is not responsible for the consultation, advice, or feedback received from members. Not all members of PPA and listserv members are licensed psychologists. Therefore, some information provided on the listserv may not be consistent with Pennsylvania's Licensure Law for Psychologists or APA's Code of Ethics. Therefore, participants receiving information on the listserv need to evaluate critically information received.