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Awards available to Students

“Looking back, I am exceedingly glad and profoundly honored to have been considered winner of the prestigious Frank and Maryann Dattilio Scholarship Award by the Pennsylvania Psychological Foundation in the year 2019. As a refugee mother of two, I have devoted keen attention to serving the needy and accordingly made several journeys to Liberia in West Africa and Kenya in East Africa over the years. Determined to specialize in trauma informed services to the immigrant community, I began my pursuit of a PsyD at Immaculata University in 2018. I was confronted with the fact that what usually appears to be a healthy life might be accompanied by sickness, when I was unexpectedly diagnosed of a life-threatening ailment some months after I began my studies. Thus, the opportunity to receive the scholarship award at a time when my dream of continuing school was almost shattered by poor health and accumulating expenses was rewarding, encouraging, inspiring, and liberating. Essentially, the generosity of the sponsors and coordinators of the Pennsylvania Psychological Foundation was a life-giving experience that exposed me to the larger community – and strides – of Psychologists in Pennsylvania, elevated my spirit, and restored my hope for better service to people. For me, the award was a timely blessing which changed impossibilities into possibilities.”

~Nina Collins, Psy.D. Student at Immaculata University, Winner of the 2019 Frank and Maryann Dattilio Scholarship awarded by PPF

Student Multiculturalism Award  is given by the Pennsylvania Psychological Foundation on behalf of PPA's Committee on Multiculturalism.

  • Deadline for entries is March 15.

Foundation Student Education Awards  are given by the Pennsylvania Psychological Foundation. Click Here for the Personal Information Cover Sheet

  • Deadline for entries is March 15.

Patricia M. Bricklin Student Ethics Award  is given by the Ethics Committee on behalf of the Pennsylvania Psychological Foundation.

  • Deadline for entries is June 30.

Science-Practice Research Poster Presentations 

  • Deadline for entries is April 7.