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Pending Legislation


Selected Bills in the Pennsylvania General Assembly of Interest to Psychologists

As of September 15, 2020

Bill No.

Description and Prime Sponsor

Introduced By

PPA Position

Movement in Senate

Movement in House

 Governor's Action

SB 67

PSYPACT Legislation Senator Judy Ward Support Passed Senate 202-0 Passed House 49-0 Enacted into law Act 19 of 2020
May 8, 2020

SB 90

Adding a provision for Extreme Risk Protective Orders Senator Thomas Killion Support Referred to Senate Judiciary Committee                 N/A  
SB 621 Training for those who carry guns in schools Senator Mike Reagan Support Passed Senate 32-17
Passed House 116-83 Enacted into Law Act 67 of 2019
July 2, 2019

SB 706

Loan Forgiveness Program for Graduates entering the Mental Health Intellectual Disability and Drug/Alcohol Treatment Professions Senator Scavello Support Referred to Senate Education Committee                       N/A  
 SB 857 Act relating to telemedicine; authorizing the regulation of telemedicine by professional licensing boards; and providing for insurance coverage of telemedicine  Senator Vogel  Support

Passed Senate 47-1

Senate concurred House Amendment 29-21

Passed House, amended in the House 111-77

Vetoed by the Governor Veto No. 4
April 29, 2020

Laid on table with Governor comments May 6, 2020

HB 672 An act enabling certain minors to consent to medical, dental and health services, declaring consent unnecessary under certain circumstances, further providing for mental health treatment and for release of medical records Representative Jason Ortitay Supports Referred to Senate Health & Human Services Committee Passed out of House with vote 195-0  
HB 1075 Extreme Risk Protective Orders - Providing Due Process for Gun Owners and Reducing Firearms Deaths by Temporarily Disarming People in Crisis Representative Todd Stephens Supports N/A Referred to House Judiciary Committee  
HB 1293 Bans Conversion Therapy for children under 18 Representative Brian Sims Support N/A Referred to House Health Committee  
HB 1397 Presumption of Joint Custody Representative Susan Helm Oppose N/A Referred to House Judiciary Committee  
HB 1415 Trauma Informed Education Initiative Representative Ryan MacKenzie Support N/A Referred to House Education Committee  
HB 1500 Amends school code to include licensed social worder Representative Dan Miller Oppose N/A Referred to House Education Committee  
HB 1525 Providing more access to mental health professionals in schools Representative Tarah Toohil Support N/A Referred to House Education Committee  
HR 193 Shortage in Mental Health Workforce Representative Jeanne McNeill Support  

Adopted June 4, 2019


 HR 345 Assess ACES in Schools Representative Mike Sturla Support N/A Referred to House Education Committee  

Information on any bill can be obtained by visiting and entering the bill number into the search box.