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2019-20 PPAGS Officers

2019-2020 PPAGS Board of Directors



Whitney Quinlan, M.S.  - Chair

School & year in program: Chestnut Hill College, 5th Year Doctoral Student

Joined PPAGS: 2017 as Communications Chair

Why I Love PPAGS: My experience with PPAGS so far has been nothing but positive! Being a relatively new member, I appreciated that I was welcomed with open arms and given the opportunity to take on the Communications Focus. I love PPA's passion for opening doors for grad students and ECPs across the state and I'm thrilled that I'm able to be a part of that!

Fun Fact: I absolutely love being outdoors. I enjoy swimming, running, biking, hiking, yoga, paddle boarding etc. and I've completed 3 sprint triathlons.



Kaseem (Kas) Parsley, B.A.  - Chair-Elect

School and year in program: Year II at Chestnut Hill College

When you joined PPAGS: Spring 2019

Why you love PPAGS: I love being involved in a leadership role to help build myself and my peers, and having the ability to build a network of professionals in my field.

Fun Fact: I play for the Philadelphia Gryphons all-inclusive rugby team.


Jessica Reinhard, M.A.Past Chair

School - Immaculata University

Joined PPAGS: I joined PPAGS in 2013 and have enjoyed all of the amazing opportunities the organization provides.  I especially love the annual convention, when I can network with other students and professionals.  I also feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world after convention!

Fun Fact: While in college, I studied monkeys in their natural habitat in Costa Rica.  I spent the entire semester without running water and minimal electricity.  


Tyshawn Thompson, B.A. - Communications Focus

School: Marywood University, 2nd Year Doctoral Student

Joined PPAGS: 2018

Why I love PPAGS: PPAGS gives me the opportunity to network with my peers and professionals in psychology. It was difficult as an undergraduate student to find like-minded people to converse with, however, PPAGS offers an open forum for communication.

Fun fact: I enjoy cooking and experimenting with different flavors and recipes. 

Adam Zahn, MS - Diversity Focus

School:  Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2nd year

Joined PPAGS: 2018 

Why I love PPAGS: I love working with colleagues from diverse backgrounds to advocate for the field.

Fun fact: I have been to over 20 countries!


 Victoria Kelly, M.A. - Programming Focus

School Program & Year: I am a 4th year Psy.D. student at Marywood University in Scranton, PA.

Joined PPAGS: 2016.

Why I  love PPAGS: Through my membership, I have learned the value in collaboration to aid in the progression of the mental health field. The opportunities for networking and advocacy that PPA and PPAGS offer is unlike any other. Through my involvement, I have grown a purpose and a voice for both students, professionals, and the mental health field as a whole. It is such a wonderful and rewarding experience to be a part of an organization that has such a grand impact on the progression of mental health.

Fun Fact: I enjoy learning and studying outer space, stars, and constellations. From a young age, I would sit outside with my father on clear nights and together we would identify stars, planets, and constellations in the night sky.


Carrie French, M.A. - Advocacy Coordinator

School: Immaculata University

Joined PPAGS: I joined PPAGS in 2015 and am grateful for the opportunity to get involved this year as your Advocacy Coordinator!  

Why I Love PPAGS: I love PPAGS because it gives students a platform to be represented and to be heard in the larger community. PPAGS is run by students, for students, and takes the issues of students to those in our profession who may not otherwise be aware of what is important to us. We are the next generation of psychology and that’s why I love that PPAGS is here to support us in our growth. 

Fun Fact: Before coming to school for psychology, I was a licensed cosmetologist and worked as a hairstylist for a number of years!

   Tracie Pasold, Ph.D. - PPA Board Rep to PPAGS

Role in PPA: I joined PPA in 2013; began as Chair of the Publications Committee (2014) before being elected to serve as Communications Board Chair (now completing second term in this role).

Why I love PPAGS:  I am passionate about mentoring students at all levels in their education and/or professional development and thoroughly enjoy observing individuals grow and doing what I can to promote that process.  PPAGS is an excellent opportunity for students to get involved early in their professional development through networking, being involved at the organizational level, and engaging with peers in experiences that will promote growth. 

Fun Fact: My husband, daughter (age 2) and I travel and explore the nation as often as possible in our motor coach.