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School Shooters: Who Are They and How Can They Be Identified?

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PPAGS Officers

2016-2017 PPAGS Board of Directors


Amanda L. Sellers, M.S. - Chair

o   School & year in program: Chestnut Hill College, 5th Year Doctoral Candidate

o   Joined PPAGS: 2013 as Communications Chair

o   Why I Love PPAGS: PPAGS has opened so many doors for me! First and foremost, the networking is very helpful. I have been able to develop relationships with other aspiring psychologists, plus those who have been practicing for many years and can provide mentorship. Second, as former Communications Chair, I was able to get involved with the PA Psychologist Quarterly publication. Through this committee, I was able to put to good use my love of writing and editing. Finally, the scholarships I have received through the Pennsylvania Psychological Foundation (PPF) have been invaluable. Not only are the monetary awards so helpful, but being recognized at the Annual PPA Convention has been such an honor. As Chair Elect, I look forward to paying forward all that PPAGS, PPA, and PPF have done for me!

o   Fun Fact: I have a large plot in my local community garden! I love growing many different kinds of fresh vegetables and then finding creative new recipes to cook with them.



Jessica M. Dougan, M.A. Chair-Elect

o   School & year in program: 4th year Psy.D student at Marywood University in Scranton, PA

o   Joined PPAGS:  I joined PPAGS in 2013 and shortly thereafter was elected State Advocacy Coordinator in 2014.

o   Why I Love PPAGS:  PPAGS is a great organization because there are many opportunities for leadership, professional development, and most importantly networking. PPA members are welcoming and truly value the input of students. I view PPAGS as the future of psychology and am honored to be a part of a wonderful organization that does so much for students and members! 

o   Fun Fact: My favorite TV show is Friends!


Kylie M. McColligan-Oleski, M.A.- Past Chair

o   School & year in program: Marywood University, 5th Year Doctoral Candidate

o   Joined PPAGS: 2012 as PPAGS campus representative for Marywood University

o   Why I Love PPAGS:  Being a member of PPA is a way for me to be connected to something greater than myself; the practice of psychology in the state of Pennsylvania! I especially enjoy being a member of the PPAGS board of directors because it provides me the opportunity to exercise my passion for leadership, network with other professionals, advocate for the profession, and have a direct impact on the future of psychology in Pennsylvania!

o   Fun Fact: I love animals, especially my Pitbull, Haze, who is a registered therapy dog! I also like to spend my free time advocating for the Pitbull breed. 


Keri Smotrich, M.S. -  Communication Focus

o   School & year in program: Chestnut Hill College, Doctor of Psychology student, Year III

o   Joined PPAGS/Why I Love PPAGS: I joined PPAGS at the beginning of my program after having it recommended to me by professors and fellow classmates ahead of me in the program.  The previous communications chair sent an email about what PPAGS does and what roles we could take part in to become more involved in the psychological association, and I was intrigued and wanting to meet more like-minded people.  My favorite part so far is meeting other students as well as professors with interests similar to mine!

o   Fun Fact: I am a certified yoga teacher and love to do triathlons!


Kameelah M. Mu'Min, M.Ed. - Diversity Focus

School and Year in Program: Chestnut Hill College, Year 4 (Fall 2016)

When you joined PPAGS and in what capacity: I joined PPAGS in 2014 as the Diversity Focus Chair

Why You Love PPAGS: I love PPAGS because it offers students a voice and opportunity to become involved in meaningful conversations that are relevant, timely and impact both our personal and professional lives.

FunFact: Over a decade ago, I owned a scratch bakery in West Philadelphia  called Sugar Hill Bakery. While I decided to pursue psychology as a career, I remain an avid baker.




Jessica Reinhard, M.A.  - Programming Focus

School and Year in Program: 4th year PsyD student at Immaculata University

Joined PPGAS: I joined PPAGS in 2013 and have enjoyed all of the amazing opportunities the organization provides.  I especially love the annual convention, when I can network with other students and professionals.  I also feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world after convention!

Fun Fact: While in college, I studied monkeys in their natural habitat in Costa Rica.  I spent the entire semester without running water and minimal electricity.  




Giovanna Steinhaus, M.A. - Advocacy Coordinator

School & year in program - 4th year Psy.D. student from Marywood University

Joined PPAGS - I joined PPAGS as a student member during my first year of Marywood's program. I began my current position of State Advocacy Coordinator this past June.

Why I Love PPAGS - I love PPAGS because it enables me to be more involved in the field I am working in. I am afforded the opportunity to participate in outreach opportunities and to network with other clinicians and researchers.

Fun Fact - I enjoy skiing and snowboarding as much as possible every winter and I am a huge New York Yankees fan!




Marie McGrath, Ph.D. - Representative from PPA Board of Directors

School & Year in Program: I graduated from Temple University’s School Psychology program, where Dr. Joe Rosenfeld and Dr. Irwin Hyman encouraged all of their students to get involved with PPA. I took their message to heart, and am glad I did!

Why I Love PPAGS: As someone who’s benefited tremendously from the professional and personal connections I’ve made through PPA, I really appreciate the opportunities that PPAGS provides for students to network with peers from other graduate programs, to connect with Pennsylvania psychologists, and to learn more about professional opportunities available to them. I’m very excited to become more involved in PPAGS’s work this year as the PPA Board of Directors Representative.

Fun Fact: I love to dabble in different arts and crafts; fiber arts and glasswork are my favorites.


For more information on the responsibilities and time commitments of PPAGS Board of Directors please click here.

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