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PPA's 2018 Advocacy Day

10/3/2018 » 10/10/2018
Promote Psychology & Social Justice via News Media: It’s our Ethical Duty

10/18/2018 » 10/19/2018
PPA Advocacy, Ethics and Suicide Prevention Workshops


Annual Convention 2019

Save the Date for PPA2019 - June 19-22, 2019!
Submit a proposal for the Convention!
The deadline for proposals is December 10, 2018


Thank you to everyone who attended PPA2018
Click Here to Access Convention Handouts!

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 PPA2019 Location

PPA2019 will be held at the Sheraton Station Square Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA: 300 W Station Square Dr, Pittsburgh, PA, 15219; phone: (412) 261-2000. There will be a block of rooms for Convention attendees available at the hotel at the reduced rate of $169.00/night plus tax. Reservations can be made by calling (800) 325-3535 and requesting a room in the PPA block.



There is a fee for parking at the Sheraton Station Square. If you're staying overnight at the hotel, parking is available with in-and-out privileges for $25/night. There are other parking options available for those not staying overnight.


Cancellation Policy

All workshop registration cancellation requests must be made in writing to Iva Brimmer, Director of Administration ( - no phone cancellations will be accepted. Cancellation requests made more than 72 hours before the workshop will result in a 50% refund of the registration fee. PPA cannot postpone registrations and/or transfer fees to future events.

Cancellations made less than 72 hours before the workshop and no shows for the Convention will result in forfeiture of the entire registration fee.

PPA recognizes that serious issues, out of the attendee’s control, may arise and could prevent an attendee from cancelling their registration by the

 Program Categories

Introductory: Participants need no prior knowledge of your specific topic or content to participate fully and effectively in the program. The information you are presenting or the skills you are teaching will be unfamiliar to those enrolled although they will be practicing mental health providers or active teachers/researchers.

Intermediate: Participants should have some basic knowledge of the specific content you will cover, but need not have in-depth knowledge or skills. The program will provide information at a level beyond the basic knowledge of the topic.


Advanced: To participate fully, those enrolled must possess a substantial working knowledge or skill level in your specific content area. Generally, the knowledge or skill involved is currently used by the participant in his/her job. At this level, advanced techniques or knowledge would be offered to refine and expand current expertise.



PPA2018 Handouts

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Handouts for PPA2018 - PPA's Annual Convention
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
S01 - Emerging Leaders - APA Telepsych Guideli.pdf PDF (79.88 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
S01 - Emerging Leaders DMH Volunteer Activitie.pdf PDF (433.65 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
S01 - Emerging Leaders Presentation.pdf PDF (1.34 MB) Administration 6/6/2018
S01 - Emerging Leaders Summary of Disciplinar.docx DOCX (15.05 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W04 - Indirect Bullying in Children and Adoles.pdf PDF (5.51 MB) Administration 6/6/2018
W05 - Advanced Boundaries [Compatibility Mode].pdf PDF (155.53 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W07 - Strange Bedfellows Politics Psychothera.pdf PDF (589.22 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W08 - evaluating youth handouts.pdf PDF (946.25 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W08 - single county authority.pdf PDF (434.1 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W10 - Act 120 and 235 Agreement.docx DOCX (28.38 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W10 - Act 120 Psychological Evaluation Form.pdf PDF (92.34 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W10 - Act 235 Psychological Exam Form.pdf PDF (224.39 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W10 -Public Safety Evaluations.pdf PDF (127.55 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W11 - Empathy Gap Presentation.pdf PDF (562.82 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W12 - Assessment Identification Mgmt of MCI PDF (2.88 MB) Administration 6/7/2018
W13 - Multicultural Perspectives on Eating Dis.pdf PDF (494.95 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W15 - Advanced Ethical Decision Making - A Sc.pdf PDF (1.47 MB) Administration 6/6/2018
W16 - Ancillary Materials 2.pdf PDF (21.49 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W16 - Ancillary Materials.pdf PDF (1021.24 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W16 - Developing Cultural Competency with Refu.pdf PDF (72.27 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W18 Self-Care PDF (3.81 MB) Administration 6/14/2018
W19 Contemporary App of CFP.pdf PDF (422.42 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W20 - Lunch with the State Board of Psychology PDF (72.53 KB)  more ] Administration 6/11/2018
W21 - Fictional Transgression Scenario.pdf PDF (4.38 MB) Administration 6/6/2018
W21 - NonjusticeSystem-5-2017-Public.pdf PDF (131.3 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W22 - Suicide Prevention Panel.pdf PDF (314.84 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W23 - APA principles.pdf PDF (222.84 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W23 - Discussion of Difficult Ethical Issues.docx DOCX (114.11 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W25 - How well do you know your ethics 2018.pdf PDF (107.3 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W26 - Intoxicating Cycles of Shame.pdf PDF (12.14 MB) Administration 6/6/2018
W27 -Loss of a Client to Suicide Bibliography.docx DOCX (17.54 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W29 - Psych in PA Lunch-The essentials of scre.pdf PDF (117.07 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W29 - Supplemental handout for Assessing Suic.docx DOCX (29.98 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W30 - Pre-operative Psychological Evaluation a.pdf PDF (286.62 KB) Administration 6/6/2018
W32 - Authentic Ethics and Self-Reflection.pdf PDF (1.02 MB) Administration 6/6/2018
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