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Diversity and Inclusion Officer Nominations

PPA Seeks Nominations for Diversity and Inclusion Officer Position

PPA’s 2020 Bylaws revision created a Diversity and Inclusion Officer position in the PPA governance structure. The Diversity and Inclusion Officer will serve as a member of PPA’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The person who holds this position will serve as a leader in implementing and monitoring diversity-related initiatives throughout PPA and as a resource to staff and other volunteer leaders who are involved in diversity-related work.

The Bylaws establish the duties of the Diversity and Inclusion Officer as including the following activities: “[monitoring] and [evaluating] Association activities concerning diversity issues; [leading] efforts to diversify membership/leadership; and [reporting] on diversity-related initiatives to the Board of Directors and membership of the Association.”

Other specific responsibilities will be determined in conjunction with PPA staff and leadership and may include the following: presenting, and/or identifying presenters for, CE programs focused on diversity, equity, and social justice issues; working with PPA committees and special interest groups to increase their focus on diversity in their activities and member recruitment; sharing diversity initiatives undertaken by PPA members in their workplaces and communities; networking with diversity officers and other leaders from other associations to identify best practices; and participating in PPA’s short- and long-term strategic planning efforts.

Since this is a newly-created position, nominations are sought for a special election to fill this position until June 2021. Starting with PPA’s Spring 2021 election cycle, the position will be filled by PPA’s regular election processes, with the Diversity and Inclusion Officer elected for a two-year term in odd-numbered years. The individual who is elected in this special election would be eligible to run again in Spring 2021.

Nominations must be received by Friday, September 18, 2020 at 5:00 PM. The following materials must be submitted as part of the nomination:

  • A current resume/CV
  • A cover letter describing the candidate’s relevant experience (including experience with PPA and with diversity, inclusion, and equity-related initiatives in other organizations) and interest in/goals for the position.
  • A candidate statement (limit 300 words) for dissemination to the membership that briefly summarizes the candidate’s experience and goals (this should be a summary of the information contained in the cover letter).
  • External letters of support will be accepted, but are not required.

At the time of election, the Diversity and Inclusion Officer must be a member of PPA. Please submit your application materials to