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2017 Annual Convention

Thank you to all who attended PPA2017 at the
Omni Bedford Springs Resort!

Workshop Handouts

This new venue provided opportunities to enjoy life while earning CE credit at the same time. Opportunities to experience nature, relax by the pool or at the spa and mingle with colleagues abound at Bedford. We hope that you will join us to experience this for yourself!

Click here to view photos from PPA2017!


We hope you will join us next year: June 13-16, 2018 at the Doubletree Valley Forge in King of Prussia, PA.



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PPA2017 Theme: Striving to Overcome Interpersonal Violence

PPA2017 will carry on the theme started in 2016 of Overcoming Interpersonal Violence. This important theme permeates all aspects of our society, with technology heightening knowledge of these forms of interpersonal violence, and shedding light on action and inaction that occurs at all levels. The pervasive nature of interpersonal violence has long-lasting impact on everyone involved, including the attainment of developmental stages, positive interpersonal relationships, and healthy coping skills. Areas that will be addressed as we strive to overcome interpersonal violence during 2017 are community violence, human trafficking, domestic violence, Title IX/campus violence and bullying in all forms, including cyberbullying.


The goal, as it was in 2016, is to establish strategies to help our communities move from cultures of detachment and violence to cultures of cooperation, peacefulness, and nonviolence. Topics will seek to identify ways to highlight psychology’s value in homes, schools, workplaces, and our communities at large. We, as psychologists, can become change agents by working with other professionals and agencies to identify causes that fuel violence and develop concrete tools that address and remedy these issues. Nonviolence can be promoted through advocacy and the dissemination of educational tools that reinforce an evolving view of cultural differences, self-awareness, violence, and trauma.


Student Poster Presentation Information


Location - The Omni Bedford Springs Resort:

2138 Business 220
Bedford,PA 15522
Phone: (814) 623-8100

The legend began more than 200 years ago at Bedford Springs, where eight mineral springs gained fame as a mecca of rejuvenation. The legacy continues at the world-class Springs Eternal Spa incorporating treatments with mineral waters, and a magnificently restored golf course. From the luxurious guest room accommodations and delectable dining venues, to cutting-edge conference rooms—they have preserved all of the original historic charm with the addition of modern creature comforts.

Located in South Pennsylvania’s scenic Cumberland Valley just 90 minutes from Pittsburgh, 2 hours from Washington, D.C. and three hours from Philadelphia, Omni Bedford Springs Resort is 3 miles off the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Exit 146. Experience the unrivaled luxury and service of the AAA Four Diamond Omni Bedford Springs Resort, a National Historic Landmark.


We hope everyone was able to live a little and learn a lot at PPA2017!


Workshop Handouts

PPA2017 Workshop Handouts

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
W02 - Why dont they just leave.docx DOCX (19.45 KB) Administration 6/13/2017
W02 - Tactics that Cults and Traffickers use.docx DOCX (17.55 KB) Administration 6/13/2017
W02 - Emotional Attachments in Abusive Relati.docx DOCX (34.05 KB) Administration 6/13/2017
W02 - Cults and Traffickers use the same Recr.docx DOCX (18.12 KB) Administration 6/13/2017
S02 - Solo vs Group Practice.pdf PDF (427.82 KB) Administration 6/12/2017
S02 - TipsForGradStudentsAndPostdocs.pdf PDF (415.09 KB) Administration 6/6/2017
S02 - SixStepsToGettingStartedInPrivatePractic.pdf PDF (127.18 KB) Administration 6/6/2017
S02 - ShowUpForSuccess-handout.pdf PDF (104.11 KB) Administration 6/6/2017
S02 - Questions To Consider Asking When Joinin.pdf PDF (157.46 KB) Administration 6/6/2017
S02 - 3TypesOfInsurance.pdf PDF (102.48 KB) Administration 6/6/2017
W04 - Advanced Risk Management Knapp.pdf PDF (180.21 KB) Administration 5/30/2017
W05 - Ties that Bind Final Audience Handout.pdf PDF (652.24 KB) Administration 6/6/2017
W07 - Double-Jeopardy Overcoming self-harm in .pdf PDF (516.89 KB) Administration 5/30/2017
W08 - Semi-Retirement Talk Handouts.docx DOCX (16.24 KB) Administration 6/6/2017
W08 - Creatively Structuring your Own Semi-Ret.pdf PDF (640.14 KB) Administration 6/6/2017
W10 - Competency Eval of Older Drivers.pdf PDF (1.29 MB) Administration 6/12/2017
W11 - Understanding the Effects of Culture on.docx DOCX (26.65 KB) Administration 6/6/2017
W12 - Finding Kind Presentation 6-2017.pdf PDF (1 MB) Administration 6/6/2017
W12- Kind Campaign Program Information.pdf PDF (6.14 MB) Administration 6/6/2017
W14 - Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis of Mild Co PDF (267.32 KB)  more ] Administration 6/20/2017
W18 - Whats New in the Last 10 Years Knapp.pdf PDF (154.07 KB) Administration 5/30/2017
W18 -psychotherapy updates articles Part One.docx DOCX (57.5 KB) Administration 5/30/2017
W19 - Spirituality Meaning Trauma Slattery.pdf PDF (4.27 MB) Administration 5/30/2017
W21 -Abbreviated course on suicide Knapp.pdf PDF (115.22 KB) Administration 5/30/2017
W22 - Yale Research An Intervention That Reduc.pdf PDF (130.55 KB) Administration 5/30/2017
W25 -PPA LGBTQ workshop handout.docx DOCX (27.66 KB) Administration 6/12/2017
W26 - Ethics in Interpersonal Violence 17 vign.pdf PDF (154.57 KB) Administration 6/4/2017
W26 - APA principles.pdf PDF (222.84 KB) Administration 6/4/2017
W30 - Theme Lecture - Situational Awareness.pdf PDF (427.75 KB) Administration 5/30/2017
W33 - Retirement What Comes Next - 1.pdf PDF (750.04 KB) Administration 5/31/2017
W33 - Retirement What Comes Next - 2.pdf PDF (408.81 KB) Administration 5/31/2017
W33 - Exercise and Aging 2017.pdf PDF (1.46 MB) Administration 6/12/2017
W34 - Multicultural Supervision.pdf PDF (446.41 KB) Administration 6/19/2017
W35 - RxP at PPA.pdf PDF (359.69 KB) Administration 5/30/2017
W36 - Sufficient Humility summer 2017 handout.pdf PDF (195.13 KB) Administration 5/31/2017
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