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TAGteach: The Role of the Acoustical Marker

G. David Smith, Ph.D.

GDS Behavioral Counseling

Joseph V. Lambert, Ph.D.

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia


War and Trauma: Examining Narratives of Liberian College Students' Experience during the Liberian Civil War

Francien Chenoweth Dorliae, Psy.D.

Immaculata University




The Ecological Validity of Neuropsychological Tests in a Clinical Population

Sharon Jung, M.A.

David J. LaPorte, Ph.D.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying: Prevalence and Co-Occurrence

among College Students

Cheryl Adler, B.A.

Marie McGrath, Ph.D.

Michael Otto, M.A.

Immaculata University


Seeing Emotion as a Neutral Face: The Moderating Role of Social Stress on Facial Affect Perception and Mimicry

Daniel Albohn, B.S.

Debra Vredenburg-Rudy, Ph.D.

Shawn Gallagher, Ph.D.

Karena Rush, Ph.D.

Derick Duffy

Jennifer Putt

Millersville University


Chronic Illness in the Schools: What Do School Psychologists Know?

Nicole Breeden, B.S.

Teresa Clark, Ph.D.

The Pennsylvania State University


A Preliminary Study: Examining Females' Trust in Intimate Relationships Predicted by Parental Divorce

Whitney Chappell, B.A.

 Tracie Pasold, Ph.D.

Marywood University


Trends in Body Dissatisfaction among Female College Students

 Kelly Coleman, M.A.

David Renjilian, Ph.D.

Marywood University


Examining the Relationship between Residential Staff's Knowledge of Behavioral Principles and Their Use of a Token Economy Intervention

Caleb Corwin, M.A.

Patricia Hillis-Clark, Psy.D.

Louisiana State University


Childhood Maltreatment, Ego Fragmentation, and Self-Destructive Behaviors: A Preliminary Investigation of the Parasite Model

Natasha Coy, M.S., NCC

John Lemoncelli, Ed.D.

Marywood University


The Psychological Experience of an Immigrant: Considerations for Therapeutic Interventions

Isabella Ezri, M.A.

Francien Chenoweth Dorliae, Psy.D. Franco Marchese, M.A.

Immaculata University


The Effects of the Interaction of Parent and Student Religiosity on Academic Performance

Olivia Everhart, B.A.

Sr. Gail Cabral, IMH, Ph.D.

Marywood University


Do Attachment Schemas Affect Life Satisfaction?

Katie Herbster, M.A.

Edward J. O'Brien, Ph.D.

 Marywood University


The Impact of DSM-5 on the Disability Determination Process

Sharon Jung, M.A.

Donald Robertson, Ph.D.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Preparedness of School Psychologists for Counseling and Intervention

Latitia Lattanzio, M.Ed.

Courtney McLaughlin, Ph.D.,

NCSP Rebecca Braithwaite, B.S.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Mental Health Screening in Pediatric Primary Care: Final Results of the Pediatric Mental Health Task Force

Kylie McColligan, M.A.

David Palmiter Jr., Ph.D., ABPP

Marywood University


Stigma and Migraine

Susan McCrea, M.A.

Kami Marchese, Psy.D.

William Young, MD

Ronald Kaiser, Ph.D.

Widener University


Perceptions of Psychological Abuse within Dating Heterosexual Relationships

Heather McDonald, M.A.

Robert Woll, Ph.D.

Marywood University


Understanding Judaism: Implications for Therapeutic Practice

Ariel Mylo, B.A.

Francien Chenoweth Dorliae, Psy.D.

Immaculata University


Suicide and Adolescent Bipolar Disorder: Is Substance Use a Moderator for Suicide in the Bipolar Spectrum?

Tamare Piersaiant, M.A.

Stephanie Wilsey, Ph.D.

Carlow University


Examining the Good Behavior Game in an Alternative High School Setting for Students who reside in a Residential Treatment Facility

Claire Carpenter Phillips, M.A.

Patricia Hillis-Clark, Psy.D.

Marshall University


Barriers to Conducting Manualized Treatment in Urban Elementary and High Schools

Haley Rottenberg, M.A.

Dahra Jackson-Williams, Ph.D.

Lauren O'Donnell, M.A.

Heather Clifford, B.A.

LaSalle University


Mindful-Based Room to Promote Graduate Student Well-Being

Shannon Sedgwick, M.S.

Diane Menago, Psy.D.

Holy Family University


Early Mental Health Consultation

Isaac Tarbell, M.Ed.

Lyanne Black, Ph.D., NCSP

Courtney McLaughlin, Ph.D., NCSP

Marissa Beveridge, B.A.

Rebecca Braithwaithe, B.S.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Gorilla? What Gorilla? The Potentially Beneficial Effect of Inattentional Blindness on Situation Awareness and Performance

Jason Vogt, M.A.

Andrew Dattel, Ph.D.

Jessica Fratzola, B.A.

Daniel Dever, B.A.

Matthew Stefonetti, B.A.

Chelsea Sheehan, B.A.

Marissa Miller, B.A.

Joseph Cavanaugh, B.A.

Andrew Dattel, Ph.D.

Marywood University



Differences in Parenting Practices between African American and Caucasian Parents

Anthony Dimitrion

Robert Butler, Ph.D.

Kings College

Exposure to Religious Individuals Reduces Prejudice

Lucas Crock

Robert Butler, Ph.D.

Jess Kohlert, Ph.D.

Kyle Newton

Anthony Dimitrion

Kings College


The Impact of Mastery Learning on Motivation and Course Effectiveness

Valerie McElrath

Robert Butler, Ph.D.

Jess Kohlert, Ph.D.

Debbie Gross

Kings College


What's in a Name? The Impact of Labels of Religion on Prejudice

Kyle Newton

Robert Butler, Ph.D.

Jess Kohlert, Ph.D.

Lucas Crock

Anthony Dimitrion

Kings College


How Do We Deal with Bipolar Disorder?

Kristin Rabideau

Valerie Lemmon, Psy.D.

Messiah College


Differences in Attachment to God, Body Image, and Social Comparison between Male and Female College Students

Isaac Schlossberg

Valerie Lemmon, Psy.D.

Jaci Cobosco

Emily Mumford

Caroline Tyler

Messiah College

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