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PPA Webinar: Ethical Considerations When Retiring from Private Practice

6/13/2018 » 6/16/2018
PPA2018 Convention


PPAGS Officers

2015-2016 PPAGS Board of Directors


Kylie M. McColligan-Oleski, M.A.- Chair

o   School & year in program: Marywood University, 5th Year Doctoral Candidate

o   Joined PPAGS: 2012 as PPAGS campus representative for Marywood University

o   Why I Love PPAGS:  Being a member of PPA is a way for me to be connected to something greater than myself; the practice of psychology in the state of Pennsylvania! I especially enjoy being a member of the PPAGS board of directors because it provides me the opportunity to exercise my passion for leadership, network with other professionals, advocate for the profession, and have a direct impact on the future of psychology in Pennsylvania!

o   Fun Fact: I love animals, especially my Pitbull, Haze, who is a registered therapy dog! I also like to spend my free time advocating for the Pitbull breed. 


Amanda L. Sellers, M.S. - Chair-Elect

o   School & year in program: Chestnut Hill College, 5th Year Doctoral Candidate

o   Joined PPAGS: 2013 as Communications Chair

o   Why I Love PPAGS: PPAGS has opened so many doors for me! First and foremost, the networking is very helpful. I have been able to develop relationships with other aspiring psychologists, plus those who have been practicing for many years and can provide mentorship. Second, as former Communications Chair, I was able to get involved with the PA Psychologist Quarterly publication. Through this committee, I was able to put to good use my love of writing and editing. Finally, the scholarships I have received through the Pennsylvania Psychological Foundation (PPF) have been invaluable. Not only are the monetary awards so helpful, but being recognized at the Annual PPA Convention has been such an honor. As Chair Elect, I look forward to paying forward all that PPAGS, PPA, and PPF have done for me!

o   Fun Fact: I have a large plot in my local community garden! I love growing many different kinds of fresh vegetables and then finding creative new recipes to cook with them.


Tamare P. Piersaint, M.A.  - Past Chair 

o   School & year in program: Carlow University, PsyD in Counseling Psychology; 4th-final year 

o   Joined PPAGS in 2013, and have remained an active member since joining 

o   Why I Love PPAGS:PPA/PPAGS has provided me with opportunities to network with established, world-renowned as well as budding psychologist many whom are viewed as experts in the field. As part of being a member I've been afford mentorship opportunities (unlike no other), as well as opportunities to make a difference within my community. PPA/PPAGS encourages future leaders such as myself to take chances, advocate for those with no voice, to advocate for the continued growth of professionals in the field/the field, and most importantly, to pay it forward! 

o   Fun Fact: I am a transplant to the US...I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and English is my 4th language.


Keri Condoluci, M.S. -  Communication Focus

o   School & year in program: Chestnut Hill College, Doctor of Psychology student, Year III

o   Joined PPAGS/Why I Love PPAGS: I joined PPAGS at the beginning of my program after having it recommended to me by professors and fellow classmates ahead of me in the program.  The previous communications chair sent an email about what PPAGS does and what roles we could take part in to become more involved in the psychological association, and I was intrigued and wanting to meet more like-minded people.  My favorite part so far is meeting other students as well as professors with interests similar to mine!

o   Fun Fact: I am a certified yoga teacher and love to do triathlons!

   Kameelah M. Mu'Min, M.Ed. - Diversity Focus

Sunshine M. Collins, M.S.  - Programming Focus

o   School & year in program: Indiana University of Pennsylvania, post-doctoral student

o   Joined PPAS: 2010

o   Why I love PPAGS: I love serving on the BOD for PPAGS.  The PPA has consistently been a source of support, networking, opportunities, and fun; I always find that I get out more than I put in because I am surrounded by wonderful peers, colleagues and role models.  I look forward to the PPA Annual Convention each year for the new areas of practice to which I am exposed and for the great networking to be had.  My involvement with the PPA and PPAGS has yielded professional consultation, job offers, and even financial support from the Pennsylvania Psychological Foundation as an award recipient. 

o   Fun Fact: I love to geocache. After I walked in graduation this year, my family, friends, and I went to Punxsutawney to complete a muli-step mystery geocache; it was fantastic!



Jessica M. Dougan, B.A. - PA State Advocacy Coordinator


o   School & year in program: 3rd year Psy.D student at Marywood University in Scranton, PA

o   Joined PPAGS: I joined PPAGS in October 2013 and have enjoyed the opportunity to take on leadership positions and be an advocate for the future of psychology

o   Why I Love PPAGS: PPA is a great networking resource. All members ranging from students to seasoned clinicians are friendly and helpful. Since taking on a leadership position through PPAGS, I have been encouraged to do more and am currently active on two committees. I truly look forward to my future in PPA and plan to always stay involved!

o   Fun Fact: My favorite movie is Forrest Gump!

   Gail R. Karafin, Ed.D. - Representative from PPA Board of Directors



For more information on the responsibilities and time commitments of PPAGS Board of Directors please click here.

Tamare P. Piersaint, M.A. - Chair
Kylie M. McColligan, B.S. - Chair-Elect
Margarita Saenz, M.S. - Past Chair & Treasurer
Amanda L. Sellers, M.S. - Communication Focus
Kameelah M. Mu'Min, M.Ed. - Diversity Focus
Sunshine M. Collins, M.S. - Programming Focus
Jessica M. Dougan, B.A. - PA State Advocacy Coordinator
Gail R. Karafin, Ed.D. - Representative from PPA Board of Directors
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